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NEWS: Ellen & Betty DeGeneres appear on Hollywood Squares - from May 4th through May 8th!
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And of course there's also more info directly from Hollywood Squares!


Currently, the Ellen-cyclopedia is not completely up-to-date out of various reasons and is also gonna move to new servers soon (with a short down-time).
Still the works for an up-to-date website with new features are going on very massively in the background, and the new version will be in place in the middle of May 2003.
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Read the last news from the end of 2001 in the News section!

This page is dedicated to the great TV show Ellen and to the actress Ellen DeGeneres. Originally, it's an german page, and the english version of it is still kind of under construction. Some parts of the page are not translated yet. I hope you like it anyway, and you're welcome to send me all your thoughts, suggestions, comments about it via e-mail to
Well, and of course you can take a look at the german version of the Ellen-zyclopedia right here.

The TV show Ellen tells us about the life of Ellen Morgan, a book store owner in L. A., and her friends - truely a great show which also wrote TV history as Ellen Morgan decided to come out as a lesbian at the end of season 4, back in 1997. Unfortunately, the show was canceled one year later in 1998 after season 5, but it is still shown in many countries of the world, either in re-runs or premiering, f.e. dubbed in other languages.


UPDATE: Ellen & Betty DeGeneres are going to be appearing during the Mother's Day theme week from May 4th through May 8th.
The show is aired on syndication TV, so please check your local air times here.
And of course there's also more info directly from Hollywood Squares!

NEWS: Currently, the Ellen-cyclopedia is not up-to-date out of various reasons and is also gonna move to new servers soon (with a short down-time).
Still the works for an up-to-date website with new features are going on very massively in the background, and the new version will be in place in the middle of May 2003.
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So here are the latest of the archived news from the end of the year 2001:
2001 Emmy Awards, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, postponed again!
New TV series "The Ellen Show" every Friday at 8 p.m. on CBS!
"Ellen" still shown in several countries
Read more about this and other stories right here in the Latest News section!

"Ellen" still aired in several countries

"Ellen" is shown again starting from episode #1 on the Paramount Comedy Channel in the United Kingdom. Paramount is a part of the british Sky TV pay-TV-package, and Ellen is on 7 times a week. More details including a list of the upcoming episodes can be found at the "air dates" section of this page.
Currently, 'Ellen' is also being shown in Australia, on Foxtel (pay television) on the FX Channel every Saturday at 6pm from May onwards. But for the moment it is on FX weeknightly from 7pm - 7.30pm.
UPDATE! Further on, 'Ellen' can be watched on TV1 in Belgium! TV1 shows Ellen 4 nights a week (every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) at a slightly changing time around midnight. The end of the broadcast will be reached with the last episode of season 5 on May 31. TV1 is a belgique channel and they are showing the shows in english language with dutch subtitles.
Of course all these info are subject to change, and in case you know more about Ellen in one of these or in other countries please do not hesitate and send me an e-mail. Thank you.

Ellen DeGeneres coming back with an all-new "The Ellen Show"

Finally, Ellen DeGeneres has archived her comeback to network TV in the USA. Her all-new TV show "The Ellen Show" (former working title "Ellen, Again") has been picked up by CBS and will definitely be part of the CBS schedule starting Fall 2001. A pilot episode has already been taped and the show will be shown in the Friday nights 8 p.m. time slot.
Let's hope Ellen's new show will be successful at this difficult time slot, because if the ratings are not good enough it is just very likely that the show will get cancelled - even if it just had a few episodes screened. On the other hand "The Ellen Show" is the most promising of all CBS newcomers and they have a great cast featuring comedian Martin Mull, who is active in Hollywood for more than 25 years now (with productions like "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Versprochen ist versprochen", and recent TV shows appearances in "Roseanne" and "Sabrina - Teenage Witch") and Cloris Leachman (from the "Mary Tyler Moore" show) playing Ellen's mother.
More info about the content of the show and also a picture of the cast can be found at the official CBS "The Ellen Show" page!

Ellen DeGeneres to host the 2001 Emmy Awards!

More info about this can be found at Yahoo! news: Reuters article and E! Online article.

Lots of rare Ellen items available at Ebay!

No matter if it's Ellen pictures, old magazines with Ellen-related articles, Ellen autographs, tapes of the "Ellen" show, original "Ellen" promo material, and of course Ellen books, video tapes and DVDs: Everything can be found at the world's biggest marketplace, Ebay. It's like a auctions paradise for every Ellen fan.
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News. (January 3, 2001)

"Ellen" all over europe

I have no info about the sitcom "Ellen" being still aired in the USA, but in Europe the show which ended with a big finale in summer 1998 is still broadcasted in numerous countries. In Germany, "Ellen" can be seen Thursday evenings after midnight on HessenFernsehen (HR) as well as on RTL2 every Monday at 8.45 p.m. In Austria, the comedy is aired in the late evening on ORF2, from Tuesday to Friday at 0.30 a.m. In France the digital "AB Channel" shows our favorite sitcom every weekday at 14.00, 20.00 and 22.35. In Belgium, the station "La2" broadcasts "Ellen" on Thursdays on 8.30 p.m., in Danemark TV3-DK hides "Ellen" showing it on weekdays at ca. 2 o' clock in the evening, and finally in Norway TV3 shows "Ellen" on weekdays at 5 p.m. with a repeat on the next weekday at 9.50 a.m.

Surprise: Ellen guest stars on NBC's "Will & Grace"!

This following article about Ellen DeGeneres guest starring as a nun named Louise was in the NY post recently:
Ellen makes a habit of saying 'Grace'
"Will & Grace" audience members were shocked Tuesday night when Ellen DeGeneres walked out as a guest star - playing a nun dressed in a habit. DeGeneres' walk-on had been a well-kept secret in Hollywood, in itself a minor miracle.
In one scene, DeGeneres asks Grace (Debra Messing) what it's like to sleep with a man - and both Grace and the openly gay Will (Eric McCormack) give her an answer.

The Will & Grace ep with Ellen is sheduled to air on NBC during the sweeps in February.


Reports about Ellen and Alexandra split

News from the tabloids: According to different news reports Ellen DeGeneres and Alexandra Hedison have split (f.e. see article at Mr.Showbiz).

New address for fan mail to Ellen

I get lots of mails asking how fans can write Ellen. Well, there are lots of different addresses you can find on the web, one of the older ones was:

             Ellen DeGeneres
             C/O PMK
             955 S. Carillo Dr., Suite 200
             Los Angeles, CA 90048

In addition to that you can now also try to write Ellen on her official website at, she also has a message board there and already answered to some fan messages. And furtheron you can try to contact Ellen through her mom Betty DeGeneres, either through her address at HRC, or at her AOL

Ellen's Comedy-Special "The Beginning" on VHS and DVD!

The Comedy-Special "Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning", which was recorded live in New York on July 18th, 2000, and aired on HBO starting July 23rd, is going to be published on VHS video and DVD on January 30th, 2001!
You can already pre-order it at, as a NTSC-DVD at 13,99$ (Region code 1) or as NTSC-VHS at 16,99$! The videos will be delivered immediately after publishing date! So order now! :-)

News. (September 6, 2000)

Ellen and Anne: Love came to an end

On August 19, 2000, Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche declared the end of their relationship in a press statement in the New York Daily News. They wrote that it's an "amicable break-up", but for many fans this news came as a big surprise as both have been working on lots of projects togehter lately, like the If These Walls Could Talk 2 HBO movie or Ellen's Comedy-Tour though the United States.

You can still read more about this and the related story of Anne Heche being hospitalized in Fresno in some online news stories:
New York Daily News
Chicago Sun-Times
Yahoo-News (USA)
Planet Out
Yahoo News
USA Today
Yahoo-News (USA)
Yahoo-News (USA)
Yahoo-News (USA)
LA Times
LA Times

Mr. Wrong: Airing on RTL2 in Germany

On September 11, 2000, the german TV channel RTL2 is going to show the movie "Mr. Wrong" starring Ellen DeGeneres. It's on at 9.25 p.m. and it's the third time the movie is shown on german Free TV.

"Ellen": 5th and 4th season on RTL

The german TV channel RTL is currently showing the sitcom "Ellen" from Tuesday to Friday. It's shown at 10 a.m. and as a repeat at 0.30 a.m. of the following day. Still the old episodes of the 1st and 2nd season can be seen at some regional TV channels like HessenFernsehen or B1 in Berlin.

If These Walls Could Talk 2 on DVD!

The great HBO TV movie "If These Walls Could Talk 2", which aired in March 2000 on US pay TV, is available on DVD starting in the end of September 2000. Please go to the If These Walls Could Talk2 extra page to order your copy now - online!

The Coming Out in 1997.

On 30 April, 1997 it finally took place: After half a year of rumors, excitement and media hype, ABC aired THE One Hour Special Episode. The story: Ellen falls in Love - in Susan.

[Soundclip] Announcement on ABC (abc.wav, 213k)

And the way she had to deal with being lesbian was one of the greatest moments in the american TV history, it was very credible and moving, not letting out the akward and funny moments that happen when you reveal your emotions to friends or a beloved person. -Ellen w/ Emmy award
like in that moment, when Ellen is about to admit to Susan that she gay at the airport, and presses the button of the loudspeaker system by accident in the decisive moment.

[Soundclip] "Why can't I say the word" (imgay.wav, 390k) out of The Puppy Episode

One reason for its credibility surely was the fact, that Ellen DeGeneres knew exactly what Ellen Morgan was going through - and the whole TV-Nation knew it, too: There was no talkshow, no TV magazine, she hadn't told about it.

And finally, after a lot of nominations, Ellen got the Emmy award - for the best script right for the episode The Puppy Episode.

This script is available as a transcript right here at the Ellen-cyclopedia.

This big attention Ellen got because of all this had a positive side-effect: In the fifth and last season, Ellen had more famous Hollywood guest stars like Emma Thompson and Sean Penn in the Emma-episode; an episode which was also Emmy-nominated later BTW.

Talking about Hollywood: Grosse Point Blank was a movie project of Jeremy Piven (Spence) which showed the potential of this great actor - he had less luck IMO with Kiss the Girls. And Patrick Bristow (Peter) had a nice supporting role in Austin Powers.

Air Dates.

Like it is said in the news section above, the TV show "Ellen" is currently shown in Australia, Belgium and the United Kingdom.
Here is an overview about the episodes to be screened on the UK Paramount Comedy Channel starting June 1.
"Ellen" is on everyday (including Saturday and Sunday) at 5 p.m. or 17.00 british time.
Episodes from Season 1:

Friday 1st June
Pilot: Ellen, mortified by her new driverís license photo, pulls out all the stops in a desperate attempt to get a decent picture.
Saturday 2nd June
The Promotion: Ellen kisses up to her boss, Susan, by buying a gift for her new baby.
Sunday 3rd June
The Refrigerator: When Adam insists they buy a refrigerator that wonít stay put, Ellen is tempted to give him the deep freeze.
Monday 4th June
The Mugging: A reluctant Ellen is persuaded to come forward as the witness to a mugging she never saw.
Tuesday 5th June
The Anchor: A guilt-ridden Ellen grovels to win back the friendship of Audrey.
Wednesday 6th June
The Class Reunion: Anxious to impress her classmates at a reunion, Ellen masquerades as a married cardiologist.
Thursday 7th June
The Tape: Ellen races to retrieve a racy videotape from falling into the wrong hands.
Friday 8th June
The Boyfriend Stealer: Hollyís boyfriend, Steve, convinces Ellen to get a big pay-per-view-boxing match on cable.
Saturday 9th June
The Soft Touch: Convinced sheís responsible for getting a car salesman fired, Ellen hires him to work at Buy the Book.
Sunday 10th June
A Kiss is Still A Kiss: Ellen answers a personal ad and meets the man of her dreams.
Monday 11th June
The Go-Between: When Ellen fans a romantic flame between her boss and Adam, sheís the one who may get burned.
Tuesday 12th June
The Hand That Robs the Cradle: Ellen feels old and out of it when she starts seeing a younger man.
Wednesday 13th June
The Houseguest: Ellenís visiting cousin Tracy mistakenly thinks Ellen has intentionally sabotaged her Los Angeles vacation.
Episodes from Season 2:

Thursday 14th June
The Dentist: Ellen is attracted to Dr Dave the dentist and one whiff of the gas administered unleashes her primal instincts.
Friday 15th June
Saint Ellen: Ellen lies her way into a charity party and feels so guilty, she tries to make amends by doing copious amounts of charity work.
Saturday 16th June
So Funny: Adamís witty friend, Theresa, comes to visit and brings out Ellenís competitive streak - to the extent that she drives Theresa away.
Sunday 17th June
The Thirty Minute Man: Ellen gets a case of heartburn when her dream date turns out to be a pizza delivery man.
Monday 18th June
The Note: When a member of Ellenís reading group expresses displeasure about her teaching style, Ellen must read between the lines to discover the culprit.
Tuesday 19th June
The Fix up: When a series of hilarious misunderstandings leads Ellenís blind date to think sheís weird, Ellen tries to open his eyes to the truth.
Wednesday 20th June
The Toast: When Ellen helps arrange her brotherís wedding, her amusing anecdotes cause the wedding to be cancelled - twice.
Thursday 21st June
Adamís Birthday: When Adamís birthday causes him to re-evaluate his life, he decides he needs a change - and moves out.
Friday 22nd June
The Trainer: Ellen pretends to be Paigeís personal trainer.
Saturday 23rd June
Mrs. Koger: Ellen lashes out with comically deadly force when she decides to confront the conflicts in her life.
Sunday 24th June
Ellenís New Friend: Ellen keeps company with the annoying Audrey, in order to get an invitation to a hot party.
Monday 25th June
The Christmas Show: Breaking up is hard to do for Ellen when she tries to end her relationship with a boyfriend who is too nice. (Guest starring Eric Lutes as the nice guy)
Tuesday 26th June
Ellenís Improvement: In a new search for knowledge, Ellen discovers that not everyone shares her quest to learn.
Wednesday 27th June
The Apartment Hunt: Ellenís plans backfire when she tries to help Audrey find an apartment far, far away from her.
Episodes from Season 3:

Thursday 28th June
Shake, Rattle and Rubble: An earthquake and Ellenís cousin Spence make impacts in Ellenís life when they arrive at the same time.
Friday 29th June
These Successful Friends of Mine: When the task of rebuilding her store seems insurmountable. Ellen decides to take to the road and follow her dream - whatever it may be.
Saturday 30th June
The Shower Scene: Ellenís in double trouble when she erases the tape of Paigeís sister giving birth to twins.
Sunday 1st July
The Bridges of LA County: When Spence has a brief romantic encounter with a member of Ellenís book club, Ellen fears there wonít be a happy ending.
Monday 2nd July
Hello, I Must He Going: When Adam takes a Job in England, he bids his friends cheerio - but not before revealing his true feelings for Ellen.
Tuesday 3rd July
Trick or Treat Who Cares?: While Spence laments about his lack of a career, Audrey takes a Job at Ellenís bookstore.
Wednesday 4th July
She Ainít Friendly, Sheís My Mother: When Ellenís mother decides they should become pals, their mother/daughter relationship may not survive the friendship.
Thursday 5th July
Salad Days: The queen of entertaining, Martha Stewart, is a surprise guest at Ellenís dinner party.
Friday 6th July
Whatís Up, Ex Doc?: Spence isnít sure father knows best when his dad tries to Convince him to return to the medical profession.
Saturday 7th July
The Movie Show: Thereís no business like show business when Paige arranges for a movie starring Carrie Fisher to be shot at Ellenís bookstore.
Monday 9th July
Do You Fear What I Fear?: When Ellen receives a burial plot for Christmas, she contemplates the value of her life.
Tuesday 10th July
Horshackís Law: Ellen and her friends are ready for some Saturday Night Fever when they are invited to a birthday party for John Travolta.
Wednesday 11th July
Morgan, P.I.: While Ellen helps the police catch the thief who robbed her store, Paige hopes to catch one of the good-looking Detectives.
Thursday 12th July
Oh, Sweet Rapture: When Audrey buys a new car, she drives her friends crazy with her over-zealous love for the automobile.
Friday 13th July
Witness: When Spence uses Ellen as a pretend witness for his law school mock trial, chaos breaks out in the courtroom.
Saturday 14th July
Ellen, With Child: When Ellen spends the weekend playing parent to the daughter of Paigeís boyfriend, she learns the consequences of being a cool mum.
Sunday 15th July
Lobster Diary: Mary Tyler Moore guest stars as herself when Ellen turns animal activist to save a 65 year old lobster from becoming dinner.
Monday 16th July
Two Ring Circus: After getting engaged, Paige has to decide whether to wear her fiancťeís small ring or the huge ring she bought herself.
Tuesday 17th July
A Penney SavedÖ: When the bookstore begins to have financial difficulties, Audreyís wealthy parents offer their help - but not without a catch.
Wednesday 18th July
Too Hip for the Room: Ellen learns a valuable lesson when she tries to make the bookstore the hippest place in Los Angeles.
Thursday 19th July
Two Mammograms and a Wedding: As Paige readies for her wedding, Ellen goes to have a mammogram for the first time.
Friday 20th July
Go Girl: When Ellen and Audrey throw Paige a bachelorette party, a psychicís predictions come true with hilarious results.
Saturday 21st July
When the Vow Breaks - Part 1: Paigeís wedding day canít get any worse - the flowers and cake go missing and Ellen is mistaken for an assassin.
Sunday 22nd July
When The Vow Breaks - Part 2: With Paigeís marriage minutes away, itís down to Ellen to ensure it is plain sailing.
Episodes from Season 4:

Wednesday 25th July
Splitsville, Man: On the eve of Ellenís fatherís retirement party, she finds out her parents are separating - and she will stop at nothing to get them back together.
Thursday 26th July
Looking Out for Number One: Ellen begins to see a therapist hoping to become more assertive and straightforward with other people.
Friday 27th July
The Parent Trap: Hoping to rekindle the love they once had for one another, Ellen recreates her parentsí honeymoon, down to Eddie Fisher crooning his signature song.
Saturday 28th July
The Bubble Gum Incident: At their camp reunion, Paige plots revenge on a girl who played a practical joke on her 25 years earlier - or so Paige thinks.
Sunday 29th July
Harold and Ellen: Ellen is concerned about her fatherís well being after her parents separation, and orders him to move in with her.
Monday 30th July
The Pregnancy Test: Ellen, Paige and Audrey contemplate motherhood after one of the girls "passes" her pregnancy test.
Tuesday 31st July
Not So Great Expectations: Lois has a new boyfriend (Lyle Waggoner), much to the displeasure of Ellen, who is still hoping her parents will call off their separation.
If you know about Ellen being on TV in other countries, please let me know.
Thank you.
For a overview and short summery of the episodes just choose the season:
[1] First season (1994)
[2] Second season (1994/95)
[3] Third season (1995/96)
[4] Forth season (1996/97)
[5] Fifth season (1997/98)
Cast members.
The Ellen cast Paige Spence Adam Joe Audrey Ellen Ellen Paige Spence Spence Adam Adam Joe Audrey

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Ellen Morgan                      Ellen Degeneres
Joe Farrell                       David Anthony Higgins
Lois Morgan                       Alice Hirson
Harold Morgan                     Steven Gilborn
Audrey Penny                      Clea Lewis
Paige Clark                       Joely Fisher
Peter Barnes                      Patrick Bristow
Spence Kovak                      Jeremy Piven
Adam Green                        Arye Gross
Supcast...                Guest stars...

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