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Audrey Penny.
I guess everyone has a friend like her: As soon as you hear her voice, you're genervt. So at her very first appearances on the show Audrey was introduced as Ellen's super-negative who could spoil any joy in life, and you secretly just want to get rid of.

Later Audrey became a Ellen cast regular and zu einer vor allem überdrehten Gestalt. Although she sometimes has a lack of tact, her attentive way to deal with customers brought her a job in Ellen's book store - and later the millions of her family - which have been kept a secret - even made her a joint possessor.

But just like her negative additude, also her husband, who has been mentioned in the first episode with her, has mysteriously disappeared later. So instead of this, she Stattdessen macht sie sich nach allen Regeln der Kunst an Adam ran, and stays with him 'til he leaves for London. Finally, destiny let her met her new boyfriend, "Ron Palillo TV's Horshack", which can't be more than a weekend-relationship anyway when you look at it seriously.

[Soundclip] "He's a real picknick compared to me when I'm depressed" from Trick Or Treat, Who Cares! (audrey.wav, 111k)

Clea Lewis, Carol Kane, Barry Corbin
Clea Lewis.
Clea Lewis was born on July 19th, 1965 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, as the youngest of five sisters.
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The Life of the Party
Directed by: Shawn Shepps.
Sylvia in Hero
1992. Directed by: Stephen Frears. Starring Ancy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman, Geena Davis.
Lisa Campos in Diabolique
1996. Directed by: Jeremiah S. Chechnik. Starring Jack Nicolson, Sharon Stone.
Nora Golden in The Rich Man's Wife
1996. Directed by: Amy Holden Jones.

TV productions.

Megan in Flying Blind

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