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The Ellen-cyclopedia


General stuff.

Ellen DeGeneres at the Internet Movie Database
The Stardard-Link.

Ellen DeGeneres & Anne Heche Homepage
Dedicated to Ellen und Anne, always bringing the latest news. In addition there are bios, pics and more, but the orthographie takes a little get used to...

It's an interesting site, with lots of pics and sounds, but unfornately, it hasn't been updated since 1998...

The Aussie Ellen DeGeneres Homepage
A very large site, lots of current pics, lots of video clips etc. But it's a very graphic-intense site, so it takes minutes to load unless you have a very fast connection...

Anne Heche Page
With pics, filmography, sounds, links etc. Updated very often!

CelebSite Profile: Ellen DeGeneres
This is a commercial web site with news, bio and short filmography.

Ellen DeGeneres Photo Page
Great photo-page mit lots of new pics. Part of the UMMHAM-Page.

Ellen DeGeneres in Mr. Wrong
Containing 5 pics of Ellen DeGeneres in her very first feature film leading role in "Mr. Wrong".

The Comedy Magazine
An acticle by that comedy magazine from 1994, with a few nice quotes...

Ellen Degeneres Internet Fan Club (EDIFC)
Offers news, FAQ and links.

Unofficial Ellen Degeneres Home Page
With a FAQ, quotes, pictures. Hasn't been updated since 1997.

A US ABC affiliate offers info on the show and the actors.


About the Coming Out of Ellen in 1997.

GLAAD: Come out with Ellen
The official "Come Out With Ellen" page from 1997 by GLAAD (Gay And Lesbian Association Against Discrimination).

Long Time Coming (Out)
An opinion on the Coming Out, from 1997.

Ellen DeGeneres Coming Out Page (She did it!)
A forum on the Coming Out from 1997, and it looks like it hasn't been updated too often since then...

USA Today: Coming Out Parties
A newspaper article out of the most read american newspaper "USA Today" about the Coming Out parties. From 1997.

Ellen House Parties
Interact-page by HRC (Human Rights Campain), who sent out party-sets for the Coming Out...

Short article of the online edition of "E!" about the Coming Out.

Leadership U: Special Focus - Ellen DeGeneres
Lots of very critical acticles about the Coming Out with a conservative christian point of view...

New Standard: Can Ellen be out and funny?
Cool article on the Coming Out.

Ellen DeGeneres: Hero! or "The Ellen DeGeneres Appreciation Page"
Lots of pics...

Ellen's ratings
UltimateTV on the sensatinal ratings of the Puppy Episode.


Ellen's books

My Point... And I Do Have One (
Ellen's Paperback from 1996.

Love, Ellen: A Mother/Daughter Journey (
By Betty DeGeneres, Ellen's Mom.

Ellen: The Real Story of Ellen DeGeneres (
Great book about the Coming Out in 1997. By Kathleen Turner.



General stuff.

Lots of german links can be found at the german language Ellen-cyclopedia.


That's it for now. Additions are welcome, please sent them to Thank you.


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The Ellen-cyclopedia

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