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Paige Clark.
As Paige is Ellen's best friend since the playground they still hang around a lot, although they really don't have too much in common - she is superficial, ruthless and mainly interested in her looks. Paige is the stereotypic carrier woman in the american showbiz, and so easygoing that some people say she might have 'camped' her way to the top.

Still she is a woman with lots of energy and power in making decisions: I'm a doer, not a dreamer, she says. She thinks very little of extensive pondering and is, different from Ellen, in no need to be loved by everyone.

Once she really made it in the movie business, she tried to be faithful to her stuffy fiancÚ Matt, and played the caring wife and mother to him - but it the long run it was obvious that someone like Spence would be the better match for her.

Though she's trying to look glamorous and very successful, she has a little inferiority complex towards her sister, "Ms. Perfect", and tries to arrage with her neurotic and alcoholic mother.

[Soundclip] "My Mom forgot her pantyhose" out of When The Vow Breaks I. (paige.wav, 187k)

Joely Fisher
Joely Fisher.
Joely Fisher was born on October 29, 1965 in Los Angeles, California. She's the daughter of the actress Connie Stevens and of the singer Eddie Fisher, and half-sister of Carrie Fisher and sister of Tricia Leigh Fisher. In order to not look exactly like her mother, she colored her blonde hair red. On December 31, 1996 she married the filmmaker Christopher Duddy.
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Female D Person in I'll Do Anything
1994. Directed by James L. Brooks. Starring Tracy Ullman, Ian McKellen, Woody Harrelson.
Susan in Mixed Nuts
1994. Directed by Nora Ephron. Starring Steve Martin, Rob Reiner.
Maggie in The Mask
1994. Directed by Chuck Russell. Starring Jim Carrey.

TV productions.

Stacy in The Companion
Seduction in a Small Town
1997. Directed by Brian McNamara. Starring Dennis Weaver.

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