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Ellen Morgan.
Though Ellen Morgan is the main character in the TV show "Ellen", there isn't too much to say about her, she seems to be a 'normal' person just like you and me. Maybe she's a little too much average, at least sometimes she reaches rock-bottom when she thinks her life isn't as interesting or successful compared to the lifes of her friends. And maybe she's a little too good for this world, like when sie wants to please everyone equally, or when her good nature and helpfulness are taken advantage of, or when she interferes in things, which are not her business, and then go wrong, although she just wanted the best for everyone.

The more nervous she gets, the more she talks. And sometimes in this cases she don't even care anymore, if the person she is talking to is able to understand her humor - finally, even her psychiatrist says she should her learn how to control her faible for twaddling.

Ellen is the owner of a bookstore called Buy the Book, at least in season 2+3, with Joe and Audrey as her employees. In season 1+4 she's just an employee just like them. At her apartment, she had Adam as a room-mate for years, and since the third season Spence is her permanent guest. Furthermore she gets an animal activist several times.

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Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres was born on January 26, 1958 in New Orleans, Lousiana. She's four years younger than her brother Vance. After a short period as a errand-girl in a lawyer's office she started her career as a comedian with an performance which didn't include much more than just eating a Whopper with fries on stage. 1982 she was awarded as the Funniest Person in America, later she got the American Comedy Award and was nominated for the Cable ACE Award and for the Emmy.

She also got widely known by her funny fruit juice commercials ("What's a walker doing in there? Grandma?"). David Letterman, Jay Leno and other Late Shows have her as a guest quite often. Because she was the "master of ceremony" for some events before, she also was allowed to host the Emmy awards on February 26, 1997, and the VH1-Fashion-Awards in 1998..

Her book My Point... and I Do Have One easily became a #1 bestseller.

Ellen and Anne

Since the spring of 1997, she showed her love to the actress Anne Heche (Volcano) in front of the eyes of the world, even an the president's in the White House in summer 1997 they weren't able to let their hands (and mouths) away from each other. Ellen said her connection to Anne is "forever". Ellen and Anne spilt in August 2000. Since then she is dating actress Alexandra Hedison (LA Firefighters). Ellen lives in a $3Mio.-Villa in Beverly Hills.

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