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Joe Farrell.

He is what is called a cynic in the United States: unsentimental, arrogant and pragmatical, he actually is not sociable enough for a man behind counter, but he loves his Steammaster 2000 more than everything else, so he really is too impolite and workshy for the Canadian he pretends to be.

[Soundclip] "I dream about you all the time" from The Sleep Clinic (joe.wav, 293k)

David Anthony Higgins
David Anthony Higgins.
Born on December 9, 1961 in Des Moines, Iowa, his great standup comedy (The Higgins Boys & Gruber with his younger brother Steve) got him the part in Ellen's TV show.
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Lance in Coldblooded
1995. Directed by: Wallace Wolodarsky. Starring Michael J. Fox, Jason Priestley.

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