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Buy original ALF posters

In addition to the ALF-related products on the "Buy ALF stuff"-page, here are two new ALF posters (58x89 cm!). These are original, new ALF items, and the good news is: everyone can order them now, as the with the online stores eMerchandise and shipping worldwide!

This great poster - being 24 inch wide and saying "Got cat?" - is for sale at eMerchandise now!

The prize: just $7.95, for an original ALF poster!
Order now at eMerchandise!

Shipping is just a flat fee of 6.45$ within the United States, with over 50 Dollars it's free shipping! The complete overview about shipping rates (also the international ones, as eMerchandise ships to nearly every country in the world) can be found at the eMerchandise website in the "help"/"shipping"/"how much is shipping?" page.

Just like in the corresponding item of the ALF TV shirt (see T-shirts page), ALF stars on this short sleeved tee as Al Pacino's Scarface character.

The prize: just 8.99$, for a brandnew ALF poster!
Order now at!

Shipping starts at 1.99$ within the United States, for one single item. The complete overview about shipping rates (also the international ones, as ships to nearly every country in the world) can be found at the AllWall website in the "help" section.

Unfortunately, this cool poster-like 8 x 10 inch glossy photo is not for sale anymore! Hopefully, it will come back again someday...

Original prize was: just 4.99$, for a brandnew original poster-size photo!
More information now at!

And in addition, offers the possibility to directly frame the picture (there are many different materials and mats to choose from) so you can even make this picture a very noble-looking part of your home! :-)
In any way, don't miss the opportunity for an original poster-size ALF glossy picture, as who knows how long this rare ALF item might still be for sale?
Click here for the direct link to ALF at!

And don't forget to check out all the other ALF related products still for sale on the "Buy ALF stuff now!"-page, and take a look at the special page about the ALF T-Shirt for sale at!

Thank you!

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