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ALF cast

You want to know more about the people that acted on ALF? Or you want to see pictures of the cast (in the original ALF show and also in other tv series and movies)?

Then you are absolutely in the right place! :-) Here's a list of the ALF cast and crew, including links to additional information and to the IMDb (Internet Movie Database).

For recent pictures of some of the ALF cast members in other productions, click here!
Have fun!

Regular cast members

Max Wright ... Willie Tanner (IMDb file)
Anne Schedeen ... Kate Tanner (IMDb file)
Andrea Elson ... Lynn Tanner (IMDb file)
Benji Gregory ... Brian Tanner (IMDb file)

Regular guest stars

John LaMotta ... Trevor Ockmonek (IMDb file)
Liz Sheridan ... Raquel Ockmonek (IMDb file)
Josh Blake ... Jake Ochmonek (IMDb file)
Jim J. Bullock ... Neal Tanner (IMDb file)
Anne Meara ... Dorothy Halligan (IMDb file)
Paul Dooley ... Whizzer (IMDb file)
Andrea Covell ... Jody (no IMDb file)
Bill Daily ... Larry (aka Dr. Lawrence Dykstra) (IMDb file)

Guest stars

Ep. #2.02 (28) „The Ballad Of Gilligan's Island“ (28 Sep 1987)
Bob Denver ... Gilligan (IMDb file)
Alan Hale Jr. ... Skipper Jonas Grumby (IMDb file)
Russell Johnson (I) ... Professor Roy Hinkley (IMDb file)
David Ogden Stiers ... Hobo (IMDb file)
Dawn Wells ... Mary Ann Summers (IMDb file)

Ep. #2.24 (50) „Tequila“ (28 Mar 1988)
Hilary Thompson ... Betty (IMDb file)

Ep. #3.18 (80) "Standing in the shadows of love" (20 Feb 1989)
Carla Gugino ... Laura (IMDb file)

Ep. #4.21 (99) "Stayin Alive" (26 Feb 1990)
Dan Castellaneta ... Steve Michaels (IMDb file)

Ep. #?.?? (don't really know the episode for these two guest appearances)
Michael Des Barres ... ? (IMDb file)
Holly Fields ... Stacy (IMDb file)


Paul Fusco ... Producer & creator (IMDb file)
Tom Patchett ... Producer & creator (IMDb file)
Alf Clausen ... Music (IMDb file)

It is a common misconception that ALF was played the only 90 cm (around 3 feet) tall Michu Mezaros. But he just portrayed ALF in the first season and part of the second season only when he needed to be seen walking. In normal scenes and in the third and fourth season the producers of the shows used other methods that did not require a costume.

I am sure there are more ALF guest stars and crew members who could be mentioned here. But I concentrated on the most important ones (IMO). But if you know interesting things about other cast/crew members or more about the persons already listed above, do not hesitate and send me an e-mail.
Thank you.

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