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Frequently Asked Questions about ALF...

Thank you for visiting my FAQ-list. This page contains some of the questions that I'am asked very often. So here are the questions I'm asked in e-mails every day, the most often ones first.

If you're question is not listed above, please ask in the ALF message board. Thank you.

1. Where can I purchase tapes with episodes of ALF?

First of all, there are no official releases of the ALF shows (or Project: ALF) in english. You can take a look at what is available in german or at what kind of ALF merch is available at the Buy-ALF-stuff-now-Page.
ALF tapes (in NTSC, an TV system mainly used in America) are available at ebay. I guess you already are registred at ebay, if not just click on this button:
Click here for your favorite eBay items
Once you clicked on the bottom above, just enter "ALF episodes" or "ALF tapes" to search for episodes of the original ALF series. Or enter "Project ALF" in case you are looking for the 1995 ALF made-for-TV movie. The trick is to check the "Search titles and descriptions" box, in case you do not get search results for "Project ALF" auctions in the first place.
And don't forget to click on "register" in the upper right corner to become an eBay-member...

2. Are there re-runs of the ALF series in my area?

I definitely know that ALF is still aired in Germany, Canada and Belgium (date: October 2001). Until August 2001, ALF was also shown in the United States, on the Odyssey Channel. But the station was renamed Hallmark Channel, and ALF is not aired there any longer, still there are rumors (none of them confirmed yet) the show be might broadcasted on Nick-At-Nite, TNN or go into syndication in future.
For more information on ALF in your country, visit the ALF countries page or check out the list of countries currently showing ALF on the main page. In case you have info about ALF currently being aired which is not included on Stephan's ALF-Page yet, please tell me about it with all the details (which TV station, at what day and time etc.).

3. Do you know anything about ALF coming back to TV with all new episodes?

In fact, the german tv station which airs ALF has given me the piece of information that there are plans about a new ALF series. And Paul Fusco also seems to have plans for that but it will take a while 'til ALF is coming back in case the series is coming back at all.

4. Where I can get ALF merchandising?

Lots and lots of ALF stuff is for sale at eBay! No matter if you're looking for ALF comics, ALF stuffed animals, ALF books, ALF video tapes, ALF lunchboxes, ALF telephones, trading cards or something else, eBay nearly has everything.
You have to be registred to bid for something at ebay, I guess you are already registred at ebay, if not just click on this button:
Click here for your favorite eBay items
Just click on "register" in the upper right corner...

5. Can you send me an ALF poster?

Unfortunately, I cannot send any posters of ALF to the visitors of my page simply because I have only one copy of each poster myself. But if you want a ALF poster and you have a colour printer, you can print out one of my bigger ALF pictures.

6. The ALF sounds / video clips don't work. What's do be done?

The sound clips are in the WAV-format. Every Windows-system should have no problem playing them. The video clips are in MPG or AVI-Format. The format is mostly 160x120 (sometimes also 192x144, 240x192 or even bigger) the sound of the clips is in mono and sometimes uncompressed. The MPGs do not need any special compression system or codec, they are just plain MPG files (MPG 1, 25 frames/second). Every normal Windows media-player should play it properly.
Also it might be possible that some of the links to sound/video clips are not working at any time. Please mail me any dead links (please include the name of the file or the URL that is broken), I really try to fix them all as fast as possible...

7. Are "Project: ALF" or the animated series going to be shown again?

"Project: ALF" has already been shown several times in the USA on Odyssey Channel, until August 2001, when ALF (and with it Project: ALF) left Odyssey. I can't say generally when or where the movie or the animated ALF series will be shown in other countries. In case I know something about it, you can read about it on the ALF countries page, or on the What's New?-Page. Warner Brothers own the copyrights on ALF, and it's there dicision if and when it's going to be aired again and where.

8. What's the name of the Tanner's cat?


9. What's the name of ALF's home planet?

Melmac. (This fact alone can make you a master in Trivial Pursuit... :-) )

10. Why do you have advertising banners on your page?

The only reason I have them here is in order to defray the costs of this site. I'm just a student and have lots of expenses for the ALF-Page like internet provider fees, web hosting costs, costs for sampling and the photographs I made or just the large amounts I pay to the phone company.
So I just try to keep this page online. I'm not making any profit of it. The expenses still are much higher that the income. And because I wanted to keep at least the most of this site free of advertinsing, I restricted advertising to just a very few of all pages. But still I appreciate every click on a advertising on my site, and especially if you would become a member at Ebay (see above).
And remember, also non-commercial pages at or f.e. contain advertising. (But at, you'll never find those annoying pop-up windows!).

If you're question is not listed above, please ask in the ALF message board. Thank you.

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