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ALF's ratings...

Welcome to Stephan's ALF-Page! I'm glad you're visiting my page, I hope you like it and I hope you'll come back from time to time. At the end of April 2000 the page got this nice new design; I hope you'll like that, too. Please send me an e-mail with your thoughts about it, or tell me what you think of this site, what could be changed, added or improved.

The ratings are really important for every TV show, and ALF must be a really successful show because it's shown all around the world. To know more about the success and about how many people watch it exactly, check out this:

ALF ratings in Germany

ALF was firstly shown in Germany in 1988 on ZDF and this then is has been shown again and again as often as no other series. It was shown again on ZDF in 1992 and 1993, then starting January 1994 it was shown on SAT.1, in December 1994 PRO7 started to show it. On PRO7 it the complete series run 4 or 5 times, and after that, it was shown on digital TV DF1's Comedy channel. March 1998 it returned to PRO7 and the whole series was shown there twice until December 1998. Of course a TV show is only aired so often if the ratings are good.

ALF aired on ZDF

All new and exclusively at "Stephan's ALF-Page": The ratings when it was shown in ZDF. ALF was on from 1988 to 1994 there, so it was on weekly for 6 years. Here are the exclusive, detailed numbers:

year:    number of viewers:   share in %:
         (in millions)

1988     6,33                 ?
1989     7,23                 52,0
1990     6,63                 ?
1991     3,92                 37,8
1992     1,17                 21,2
1993     1,34                 16,0

Thanks to Susanne Günther from ZDF for this numbers.
This numbers are about the viewers older than 6 years (not older than 3 years like today) so if it were older than 3 years than they would be even higher. And in addition, these numbers are only for the former West Germany (population: 63 millions) and not for the Germany of today (80 millions). Unfortunately, the share for 1988 and 1990 is not available any more. And because all this above is only the average of the years, you can assume that in 1989 f.e. sometimes 8 or 9 millions will have watched it.

ALF on the other channels

Also on the other channels, ALF was quite successful. When it was showed on SAT.1, it always was the show with the highest share of the day. 1994, on PRO7, up to 2 million watched it. And even in 1998, when ALF was already shown more then 10 times on german TV, more than one million people watched it.

ALF's ratings in the US

In the US, ALF aired on NBC was also really successful. It don't have any exact numbers, but the first season was really successful and the number of viewers dropped a little from season to season. Especially from the thrid to the fourth season, where ALF was moved from the popular Monday 8 p.m. time slot to Friday nights. I once heared, that in the fourth season, only 10 million people watched ALF in the USA, but I still think that's not that bad.
Since April 1999 ALF is shown in the USA on the Odyssey Channel, and I've heard it's having good ratings there, and that it's one of the most watched shows on that network. Still I do not know any absolute numbers.

So, if you have more info on the US ratings or the ratings in any other country, please send me an e-mail. Thank you.

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