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ALF Merchandising

Especially in the late 80s, really lots of ALF products have been in the shops. So here's an overview about the ALF merchandising, but unfortunately, I'm located in Germany, so most of this info below focuses on stuff that has been available in Germany. So on this page you'll find info about:

And a few links to stores selling ALF merchandising are on this page, too...

And you can also buy ALF-related products right now, with a possibility to purchase them online!!

ALF books

Starting in 1988, lots of ALF books have been published in Germany, for example the books by Rainer Büttner, who told the stories of a few TV episodes...

Click here to enlarge
ALF - Hallo, da bin ich
by Rainer Büttner
This books tells the stories of the episodes "Pilot", "Strangers In The Night", "Looking For Lucky", "Keeping the Faith", "For your Eyes only", "Help Me Rhonda", "Jump", "La Cucaracha" and more...
Loewe Verlag
gebundene Ausgabe, 252 pages
ISBN 3-7855-2171-5 (not available anymore)

ALF-Book #2 'Ich will alles!'
Click here to enlarge
ALF - Ich will alles
by Rainer Büttner
The book bases on the episodes "Take A Look At Me Now", "Wedding Bell Blues", "Isn't it romantic?", "Oh, Pretty Woman", "Somethings wrong with me", "Some enchanted evening", "Night train", "Can I get a witness?", "Prime Time", "The boy next door", "Hail to the chief" and "ALF's special christmas".
Loewe Verlag
gebundene Ausgabe, 250 pages
ISBN 3-7855-2213-4 (not available anymore)

There are two more books out of this series of books, also by Rainer Büttner, called "ALF - Lieber ich als keiner" and "ALF - Total gut drauf". Furthermore, there are the "ALF - das Sprüchebuch" with ALF's best quotes and the "sequel" "ALF - das zweite Sprüchebuch". There's also a book called "Alles über ALF" (=Everything about ALF) by Siegfried Rabe, that's the guy who translated the ALF tv show into german and created the german ALF quotes. An excerpt of this book, the ALF-ABC is available in the german-language part of Stephan's ALF-Page. And then, finally, I heard of another german-language ALF book called "ALF - Meine Memoiren"...

Well, the books are out of print, but you can also try to get one copy of them at, that's the german version of Just enter "ALF" as a search term...

In the United States, there also have been ALF books, of course, but it seems like most of them haven't been "novels" or paperbacks but color books or books for children (e.g. "ALF learns about Numbers"). You can still try to get some or at least more info about at, just enter ALF into their book search. Or you can try it at
So if you know more about ALF books or ALF merchandising in general, please send me an e-mail. Thank you.

But even in the last years, new books have been published which are analysing the TV culture, and they are also about ALF. Two newer books also dealing with ALF are:

Von Alf bis U.N.C.L.E.
Anglo-amerikanisches Kult-TV.
by Martin Compart
This book is from 1997 and deals with US tv series. It's very informative...
paperback, 245 pages, german
You can order it at
Lexikon der berühmten Tiere. Von Alf und Donald Duck bis Pu der Bär und Ledas Schwan.
- no cover scan available...
Lexikon der berühmten Tiere.
Von Alf und Donald Duck bis Pu der Bär und Ledas Schwan.
by Karen Duve and Thies Völler
This book is brandnew, and it's about famous animals (TV and comic characters). I don't know why they are considering ALF an animal, I mean, he's an alien, isn't he? But so he also has a chapter in it...
paperback, 840 pages, deutsch
You can order it at

ALF posters

Due to ALF's popularity, of course also many ALF posters have been available in Germany in the 80s. Now only the poster from the made-for-tv-movie "Project: ALF" was available at the TV-Movie MusicStore until summer 1999. Now they don't have it anymore...

But the good thing is: A few really cool ALF posters are still available in an very big size at my ALF posters page... :-)

Click here for the ALF posters page
This is one of the posters which has been recently added to the ALF posters page of Stephan's ALF-Page. It's from the 7th edition of the german ALF comics...

ALF video tapes

Six german-language ALF video tapes, each with 3 episodes on it, have been published in Germany by TaurusVideo/Lorimar Television in the late 80s. Today, they are still available for rent in the video stores everywhere. It seems like you can also still buy them at MusicShop. Just enter "ALF" into the search, and the videos called "ALF 1-5" are the ALF tapes...

ALF cassettes

In germany, also cassettes with ALF radio plays on it have been popular. Over the years, the company Karussell published 43 cassettes, each with 2 episodes on it. In addition to that, 10 ALF specials have been produced...

A complete list about the german ALF cassettes can be found at

Used cassettes can also be found for sale at

ALF comics

In the years 1988/89 the Bastei-Lübbe-Verlag pubished a lot of ALF comics in Germany. Each issue had 48 pages, contained several ALF stories and also included an ALF poster.

ALF-Comic Nr.4 This is the cover of the german ALF comic #4.
Just click on the thumbnail to get to the full-size version (660x894 pixels, 220 Kb!)...

ALF toothbrush

On the right you see an advertising for the ALF toothbrushes from the company Sensodyne. They were part of the Junior edition in the year 1989 and have been available in 5 colours. Each toothbrush also contained an ALF sticker...
Just click on the thumbnail to get to the full-size-version of the ALF toothbrush advertising (598 x 811 pixel, 174 Kb)...
Ad for the ALF toothbrush

ALF bed linen (new!)

Good news! Due to ALF's popularity, ALF bed linen is available again in Germany. On the right, you can see an advertising for an ALF bed linen from August 1st, 2000. The company is the "Daenisches Bettenlager", and you can purchase the ALF bed linen in each of their stores. It's only 19,95 DM (german marks), which is like 9 US-Dollars.
Just click on the thumbnail to get to the full-size-version of the ALF bed linen advertising (418 x 554 pixel, 87 Kb), where you can really see how it looks like...
Ad for ALF bed linen

Other ALF stuff...

There has been lots of other ALF stuff like ALF-T-Shirts, ALF dolls (very important! :-)), ALF pillows, ALF figures, ALF exercise books, ALF notebooks, ALF stickers and lots more:

  • The german ALF music cassettes (sung by ALF's german voice, Thommy Piper) bzw. the ALF-single "Frohfest"
  • the international ALF-Song "Struck On Earth"
  • the german-language ALF-Single-CD "Alles Paradiso" from "ALF - der Film"
  • the big ALF Panini stickers album from 1989
  • the ALF-Music-Sampler (ALF's Super Hits)
  • the ALF calendars
  • and the ALF birthday cards...

If you have some info to add to this, please send me an e-mail. And if you want to sell some ALF product or you are looking for a special item, you can write it on the ALF message board!...
Thank you.

A few ALF-Merchandising-Links...

  • Der weltweite Online-Marktplatz is the german version of the widely-known Here you can always find german merch like used books, cassettes and dolls (just enter "Plüsch ALF" or "Stoffpuppe" in the box above). You have to become an Ebay member to buy things there, but of course, registering is free. Just click on "Anmelden" to register...
  • At the international version of eBay you can always get hundreds of ALF products...
    Just click on the following link:
    Click here for your favorite eBay items
  • "" - This US-Online-Shop seems to offer some ALF stuffed dolls and other merchandising.
  • - With new german TV books also about ALF (see above)...
  • Collectors Connection - E.g. with some ALF stuffed animals, but I don't have any exsperiences with this online store...

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