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 Pictures #1

ALF pictures - Index!

Welcome to the new pictures section of my ALF site. There's a lot to discover in here. :-)

Right now you can go to:

  • the classic ALF pictures
    These pictures are a part of my ALF page since it started in 1996. Around 20 pics including pics of the show, from the main title and promotional pictues. This was called "My best ALF pics".
  • the new batch of ALF pics
    NEW! These pics are from the show. I've captured them from video or from the current broadcasts on german television. You should really take a look at this. Enjoy!

My best ALF pictures - Index

These ALF pics following have been a part of my ALF page since it started in 1996. It weren't too easy to find any at all, back in those times, but here they are...

There are three volumes:

  • Volume #1 containing 7 pictures with a total size of 101.798 Bytes. (Only JPG-files)
  • Volume #2 containing 9 pictures with a total size of 219.458 Bytes. (Again only JPG-files)
  • Volume #3 containing 3 pictures with a total size of 135.236 Bytes. (Only GIF-files, including a IMO cool pic No. 23)


The new batch of ALF pictures - Index

In fact, I think, this is really a cool collection of pics directly from the show. Of course, I was not able to make captures of all episodes, so I chose episodes which seem special to me and tried to retell them in these stills.
Special note: Unfortunately, currently, some of the picture sets are not available. I'm working to bring them back, but please give me some time. Thank you.
So, well, here we go:

  • Episode #4 - "Pennsylvania 6-5000"
    I think this episode it is simply very cool right from the beginning with the phone-in talk show until the end with the decoration from the president which they take a photo of. In addition, it features some very funny sideswipes to the american president.
    19 pictures, resolution 320x240
    (except picture no.4, resulution 352x288).
  • Episode #5 - "Keepin' the faith"
    This episode is special because it is really a cult episode to many people. So watch again how ALF tries to sell "Terry Faith" cosmetics...
    18 pictures, resolution 352x288
    (except pictures no.1-3, resulution 320x240).
  • Episode #6 - "For your eyes only"
    In my opinion, it's really one of the very best ALF episodes with an intelligent plot, very funny dialogues and a cool ending. Of course you can't see that in the pictures, but the real ALF expert know it also features some famous ALF lines like "Be there or be square". And it introduces Jody to the series.
    41 pictures, resolution 352x288
  • Episode #9 - "Jump"
    This is really a cool episode because of the cool guest stars and because of the funny things like Willie's birthday party and and because of the cat trap and much more. So, enjoy the pictures...
    33 pictures, resolution 352x288
  • Episode #10 - "Baby you can drive my car"
    ALF's fabulous Ferrari drive, I mean, who doesn't remember that?
    34 pictures, resolution 352x288
  • Episode #13 - "Mother and child reunion"
    This episode introduces Anne Meara playing Kate's mother Dorothy Halligan.
    34 pictures, resolution 352x288
  • Episode #40 - "The boy next door"
    This episode introduces Josh Blake playing Jake Ochmonek.
    45 (41) pictures, resolution 352x288
  • Episode #41 - "Can I get a witness?"
    I like this one because usually in the series (if something is broken again) ALF really is to blame. But this time, he's not.
    25 pictures, resolution 352x288
  • Episode #42 - "We're so sorry, Uncle Albert"
    In my opinion, the scene in the garden with ALF sitting in that box is really funny. And for this episode, there are so much pictures available here that, I think, you can really kind of watch it like on TV (without sound, of course, but talking about the number of captured pictures).
    142 pictures, resolution 352x288
  • Episode #45 - "We gotta get out of this place"
    Perhaps you'll remember this one. Jody is moving into a new apartment and ALF tries to help her. He tries...
    58 pictures, resolution 352x288
  • Episode #48 - "Movin' out"
    At the end of this episode, you can see for the first time that the whole Tanner house scenery was built around 3 to 4 feet above the ground (which was necessary for the puppet players in the later episodes).
    35 pictures, resolution 352x288
  • Episode #49 - "I'm your puppet"
    This is also a cult episode to many people I know. I guess it's simply because it's funny but maybe also because of guest star Bill Daily playing psychiatrist Larry which also had appeared in #20 "Going out my head over you".
    31 pictures, resolution 704x576
  • New!
    Episode #51 - "We Are Family"
    This episode is special because of ALF's cool late show he's dreaming of.
    Notice: Because this pics contains 69 pics and all of them are very big, making several megabytes, you should have a fast internet connection or a lot of patience to take a look at them.
    69 pictures, resolution 704x576
  • New!
    Episode #102 - "Consider Me Gone"
    I got lots of mails from people who missed the last episode and want to see it again. So well, here are 118(!) pics out of it, so you'll able to see it all again. Because these are too many pics to put them on one page, I divided it into 4 parts, each containing some of the pics.
    118 pictures, resolution 704x576


If you still want more pictures, and even bigger ones, :-)
you just have to check out my ALF posters page with 10 great ALF posters!

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