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A few ALF links

The World Wide Web is a dynamic medium. In the last two years, it changed a lot, and quite a lot of ALF fan pages went offline - I still keep 'em in the list, so frequent visitors can see which pages disappeared lately.
What might be most interesting for you are the ALF pages in english language:

  • ALF @ - The Ultimate ALF Fan Site - Jeremiah Eis offers pictures, info, an episode guide, a link to the DVD petition and more on this site from July 2003...
  • Kyle's ALF Site - Also a classic ALF site.
  • ALF at the Internet Movie Database - At the IMDb you get information about everything - also about ALF. There's also a link to this page! :-)
  • Spaceman's ALF-Page - with lots of info and ALF sounds and pictures. And BTW, no, you can't turn that MIDI background song off...
  • ALF at - one single HTML page with info on the show and a few links...
  • OFFLINE: The Ultimate ALF Page, used to be on: - Kristian Persson offers pictures, sounds, an episode guide and more on his ALF website...
  • OFFLINE: Rance's ALF-Page, used to be at: - New ALF-Page, offering ALF information and ALF pictures. And in case you like ALF fan fic, I really recommend you check out Rance's ALF fan fic contest!
  • OFFLINE: ALF Tribute - Tony Nudo's ALF-Page, used to be at: - with lots of info and material about our favorite alien! :-)
  • OFFLINE: Livia Cheng ALF Site (part of "A splash of blue"), used to be at: - contains some ALF fanfic (storys made by fans) and some things about the ALF comic books.
  • OFFLINE: Planet Melmac and the ALF Club, used to be at: - award-winning ALF page by Paul aka John Crabtree...

And now ALF links to sites which are not in english language:

  • NEW: - the german ALF community - started by Hannes in Austria, this board keeps what a promises: a great community! Over 11500 posts by 250 members in the last 2 years - ALF is alive & kicking and the fans are active as ever... :-)
  • Konstantin Volkmanns german ALF Episode-Guide - A german episode guide, containing both the american and the german Original Air Dates for ALF, among other info.
  • NEW URL: Christian Kirsch's ALF site - in german langauge! Including ALF info, episode info and ALF's cooking recipts
  • OFFLINE: An ALF-Page in czech, used to be at: - unfortunately, I can't say anything about the content of this page. :-)

And there are still a few ALF mailing lists at Yahoo!Groups, formerly known as OneList or E-Groups, and in addition an ALF Usenet Newsgroup:

And finally, here are some links where you can get ALF mechandising!

  • NEW URL: There's always ALF merchandising for sale at "eBay".
  • NEW: You'll find a list of ALF products available on the "Buy ALF Stuff now!"-page of Stephan's ALF-Page.
  • Collectors Connection - offers some ALF plush hand puppets and some ALF books, but I don't have any experiences with this online store...
  • NEW: There are brandnew ALF T-Shirts for sale at eMerchandise. Info and a link can be found at a special page here at Stephan's ALF-Page.
  • NEW: An ALF poster can be bought at AllWall, again there's more info and a link about this at an extra page right here.
  • Also at "", some ALF merchandising products can still be ordered.
  • If you know any other ALF merchandising links, please let me know!

Each and everyone of these links was tested on June 22, 2006. Unfortunately, I had to remove a lot of pages from the link list again, because it seemed like they have gone offline. :-(
If a link does not work, or has moved, please contact me!

And here are some great sites related to other great TV series (IMHO):

  • Ellen - It's a informative archive about the US comedy series "Ellen".
  • Ocean Girl - The TV Show, As the "Ocean Girl Supporter Page", that has been on earlier, finally went offline, there's the link-list of the new instead now. - About the ecological new-age children's TV series "Ocean Girl" from Australia starring David Hoflin, Jeffrey Walker and Marzena Godecki!

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