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ALF screensaver

Many people asked me to create an ALF Screensaver, so here it is: The name of the file is "alf-scr1.scr", and you can download it right here.

The screensaver went online on April 12th, 2000.
During the server change in April 2004, it was offline for a while, but now since April 14, 2004 it's online again. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Since 2000, I recieved quite a few comments that it's not easy to install. So I added the little installing FAQ below. If you are still having problems or troubles making the file your screensaver, please drop me a line.

The new ALF screensaver
With 13 cool ALF pictures,
designed for 800x600 resolution,
no sound.
Download now! (1,69 Mb)
A service by Stephan's ALF-Page.

Enjoy the screensaver! :-)

A little "How To Install A Screensaver" FAQ

Q: Where does the .scr file go?
A: The .scr file is the screen saver file. It needs to be placed in your "Windows" directory. (usually c:\windows\system)

Q: Once the screen saver is installed, how do I find it?
A: In Windows 3.1: Go to your "Main" group and double click on "Control Panel". Then double click on "Desktop". The screen saver section is the third box down. In Windows 95 or NT: Click on Start, then choose settings, then control panel. Double click on "Display" and select the "Screen Saver" tab.

Q: How do I uninstall the screen saver?
A: Most screen saver files get installed into the "Windows" directory. (usually c:\windows\system) Try looking for files with a .scr extension (the ALF screensaver would be like alf-scr1.scr) in the windows directory, and you can just delete it like any other file.

Q: I am having problems downloading. What can I do?
A: It could be any one of several different issues. Sometimes the problem is that the site where the file is located is overloaded or temporarily offline. Sometimes there are isolated outages on the internet that aren't the fault of the site itself, but rather a problem with the interconnection of networks between your computer and the other site. The best advice is to try again later. Spurious outages are usually fixed/restored quickly.

Q: How do I download files?
A: Here are some directions for the easiest way to download files from a web site: 1) Put your mouse cursor over the link for the file, and press the RIGHT mouse button. That will cause a menu to pop up. 2) Click on the "Save Target as..." option. Different web browsers might use slightly different wording for this option -- the bottom line is to choose the option that allows you to save that file to your hard drive (rather than actually trying to open it right off the web). 3) A dialog box now opens that asks you where you want the Browser to place the file that it downloads. Make sure to pick a spot that you'll remember afterwards! Some people recommend you to create a "Downloads" directory / folder right off the top C:\ directory, so you'll always know where to find it. 4) Click OK and the file will begin to download. Once it is downloaded you can either click on it and run it directly if it's an .EXE file, or if it's a .ZIP file, unzip it.

Note: I'm planning to add more screensavers to this site, so come back from time to time to see what's new. You can also subscribe to the ALF newsletter to be informed everytime a new screensaver is out.

Or in case you want to check out the newest info about ALF in general or the latest additions to this ALF-Page, it's recommended to regularily visit the "What's New?"-Page! :-)

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