Here are lots of links to pages about the really cool TV show "Cupid" starring Jeremy Piven.
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Official sites

  • Official Tristar/Sony Cupid Site
    - information about the show, the stars and multimedia stuff.
  • Rob Thomas - Author, Musician, Screenwriter
    - official site from/about the creator and executive of "Cupid".
  • Official ABC Cupid Site
    - doesn't exist anymoer. Originally at "" and with a faq, cast bios and pix & clips.
  • (NEW!) -
    - professional site with chat, links, photos, sounds and lots of info about Jeremy Piven.

Fan sites

  • (NEW!) - JEREMY
    - Fan page about Jeremy Piven, also including some Cupid info & material.
  • C u p i d
    - Cool site offering you news, pics, sounds, ep guide, cast, press and other things.
  • Lovestuck - site devoted to "Cupid"
    - doesn't exist anymore. Originally at "", with cast bios, pics, sounds, ep guide and more.
  • The Piven Page - Cupid
    - doesn't exist anymore. Originally at "", with info about the main cast members, articles, a message board and image galleries.
  • Cupid Ep Titles and Air Dates
    - does not exist anymore. Originally at "", with a list of ep titles and air dates.
  • Cupid at the Pazsaz Entertainment Network
    - just a introduction, not too much info.
  • Bob's Cupid Page
    - not that big, but very nice (and with the theme as WAV-file!).

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