Make money online with banner advertising

Make money with your homepage? - No Problem!

It's fairly easy: You just have to place paid banner ads on your homepage. It's a simple conception: You supply the agencies the room for their banner ads on your homepage, and they pay you a little amount of money for that. You can start now, using one of the ad companies in the following list.

This is how it's usually done:

  • Step 1: Application. You fill out a form at the online ads agency, and if they consider you serious and you can offer a few hunderts of visitors every month, you're likely to be accepted as new advertising partner.
  • Step 2: Installation. Now you have to choose and/or to install the banners you want to host on your page. Place them in a good position, which is often required by the ad agency. Sometimes you can choose the banners you want to host, sometimes you don't have to care about that.
  • Step 3: Make Money! Once you have made more than a certain amount of money, like 10 or 25 US-Dollars, you'll be paid with a check or a bank transfer.

And here's the list of the best banner ad companies:

Werbung auf englischsprachigen Websites

VergŁtung: 2 to 10 US-Cent / Click
can you choose banners?: yes
rating: difficult application, not very attractive banners (really)
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Safe-Audit USA
VergŁtung: Various, f.e. 4 to 15 Cent / Click
can you choose banners?: yes
rating: Very reliable, but no really good banners anymore.
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VergŁtung: Varoius, Pay per Klick, Pay per Impression & Pay per Sale!
can you choose banners?: no
rating: Very reliable, lots of offers (clicks, referrals, mail ads), attractive banners!
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The best one: E-Ads
VergŁtung: Immer 10 US-Cent pro Klick
can you choose banners?: no
rating: Very reliable, 5 different HTML-codes, very attractive banners (like Microsoft, etc.)!
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That's it, folks! :-)

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